Kielbasa- Polish Sausage Recipe


1 1/2 lb pork loin or butt
1/2 lb veal
1 salt and pepper
1 bud of garlic
1 tsp whole mustard seed
3 tbsp water


Remove meat from bones, cut into small pieces and run
through a coarse knife of a food grinder. Add 3
tablespoons of water, pound the garlic, and add the
seasoning. Mix very thoroughly and stuff the casings.
The sausage is then ready for smoking. If you don't
have those facilities, you can boil it for 30 minutes
in rapidly boiling water, or you can place the sausage
in a baking dish, cover with cold water, and bake in a
350F oven until the water is absorbed.

Source: Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans Typed
for you by Linda Fields Cyberealm BBS Watertown NY

Servings: 2 pounds



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The History of Recipes

Written recipes as an idea can be tracked way back into distant history, at least as far into history as the early Egyptians, and maybe even further. In practice though, sadly, these ancient cookbooks were just basic pictorial instructions for preparing food.

In an interesting twist, the oldest recipe discovered so far, according to academics is a collection of tablets in the Sumerian language which recount the preparation of bread which is then used to make a drink, quite possibly a form of beer as it is recorded as having made people feel blissful and exhilarated.

Progressing into Roman times 25BC a roman called Apicius assembled a few documents detailing recipes cooked by his fellow Romans. In his publication, Apicius describes how the roman meals were separated into hors d`oeuvre, entrees and desserts, known in latin as `Gustatio, Primae Mensae and Secundae Mensae`. Aspicius tells us how the ancient chefs made use of many aromatic flavours, including a few that will be familiar to modern chefs such as thyme, mint and parsley.

Later on, in the 15th century, knights returning from the crusades brought back many foods, spices and herbs from Arab cuisine, including spices such as parsley, basil and rosemary. These new culinary innovations prompted a surge in cookery books, the majority of which still exist in academic collections.

Over the succeeding few hundred years, the upper-class families of Wesstern Europe competed to offer the best banquets, and because of this chefs and their collection of recipes were at a premium. Notwithstanding that, it wasn`t until the 1800s the formal cooking and cookery books really came of age. The Famous Mrs Beeton in the UK, and the equally famous Fannie Merritt Farmer in the USA, dedicated the best years of their lives to collecting, trying out, and publishing the recipes that were being prepared for the better households.

The TV revolution brings us TV cookery programs and the spin-off recipe books.

And that brings us to the present day and the invention of computers and the internet, permitting us all to search through massive numbers of recipes like the ones you can find on sites such as the one you are reading now.


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