Basic Cookie Dough Recipe


4 cup flour, sifted all-purpose
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter, softened (or oleo)
1 cup lgt brown sugar - packed
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cup vegetable shortening
1 cup sugar, granulated
2 eggs


1. Sift flour, baking soda and salt onto waxed paper. 2. Beat
shortening, butter and sugars until well mixed. Beat in eggs and
vanilla. Stir in flour mixture until soft dough forms. 3. Divide
dough into 6 equal portions. Shape into rolls about 1 1/2" in
diameter. Wrap each in foil and freeze. OR, if you prefer, flavor
the 6
different portions according to the notes that follow. 4. Slice
frozen rolls about 1/4" thick. Arrange cookies 2" apart on an
ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes or
until lightly browned.

NOTES: Coconut cookies: Mix 1/2 cup flaked coconut into 1/6 of dough.
Pecan cookies: Mix 1/2 cup chopped nuts into 1/6 of dough.

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Servings: 1 servings



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The History of Recipes

Transcribed cooking instructions as a concept can be observed back into history, in fact as far back into recorded history as early Egypt, and maybe even further. In practice though, sadly, these old cook books were just very simple hieroglyphic or cunieform instructions for food preparation.

In an interesting twist, the most ancient recipe discovered, according to historians are some clay tablets in the Sumerian language which show the making of bread which is then used to make a drink, quite possibly a form of beer as it is recorded as having made anyone who drank it feel exhilarated and blissful.

Continuing our culinary historical journey, there are a couple of books which appeared in the 1300s : one book titled `Forme of Cury`, and another called `Curye on Inglish`. The titles are a little misleading though, they are not about the indian food that is served today, but rather accounts of the types of meals eaten by the nobility of the period.

Later on, in the 15th century, knights returning from the crusades brought us a variety of foods and herbs from the holy lands, including spices such as basil and rosemary. The introduction of these new tastes was responsible for a torrent in publications on food, the majority of which are now in private libraries.

Over the succeeding few hundred years, the wealthy families of Wesstern Europe strove to serve the most extravagent meals, and consequentially chefs and their collection of recipes were much in demand. Notwithstanding that, it was during the nineteenth century that fine cookery and cookery books became really popular. The Famous Mrs Isabella Beeton in the UK, and the equally famous Fannie Farmer in the US, dedicated years of their lives to collating, verifying, and publishing the recipes of their peers.

The TV revolution brought us TV chefs and the demand for the accompanying recipe books.

And that pretty much brings us to the present day and the internet revolution, allowing everyone to search through thousands of recipes like those on the site you are now reading.


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