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  • Established in late 2008, Cook Vegetarian has seen a lot of changes in its five and a half years. Launched when there were no other meat-free cookery titles on the market, the title has built up a loyal base of readers reflected in our online community statistics. Our readers trust us, and see us as one of the cornerstones of the vegetarian community.

  • In an increasingly fast moving world, where choice is abundant and at times bewildering, Cook Vegetarian in all its incarnations – both print and digital – offers direct, definitive and rigorously researched advice, for consumers, on what gadgets to buy, where and what to eat, what to drink, new beauty products, fashion and advice on how to maintain a healthy meat free diet.

  • Whether you want a double-page spread advert, or simply a quarter page, our team is here to help. We can design your adverts, sourcing you the best images – and our professional in-house photography team can even photograph any products you’ve yet to obtain images for. Advert layouts are tailored to fit your needs, and stand out from the magazine’s editorial pages.

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