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Thread: Slow cooker recipes

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    Slow cooker recipes

    Anyone got any good slow cooker recipes? I've had a slow cooker for a while and not had much success with it. I bought a cookbook that contained a load of very bland recipes, and I've tried a few online that were ok, but only ok.

    Any recipes that are guaranteed to give me a good tasty meal?

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    I look forward to replies to this as I had a slow cooker given to me and gave it away without even using it!

    Have you tried ordinary slow cook recipe book and just replace the meat components?

    I know a lot of people swear by it but it just didnt seem to suit me.

    JACK MONROE: | COOK. CAMPAIGNER. COLUMNIST. MOTHER. AUTHOR. GIRLFRIEND. IMP. - there are recipes on here, a lot of her recipes are vegetarian and the ones I have tried have been scrumptious!

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