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Thread: Vegetarian cookery books only, or any cookery book?

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    Question Vegetarian cookery books only, or any cookery book?

    I am not really one for following recipes, I am more the 'see what I have in and work out a way to combine them!'. However I love looking through recipes to get inspiration

    For those that do like looking at or following recipes, I am interested to know whether you prefer to just work from vegetarian cooking books or if you like using any cookery book and adapting recipes to make them vegetarian

    Personally, if I see a recipe that I think looks or sounds good my mind immediately starts working out a way of making it vegetarian, I dont just rule it out. Its nice to look through a fully vegetarian cook book (or wonderful magazine!!!) sometimes though and know that everything in there is suitable for me and there are so many new recipes I could try without having to adapt them

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    Can you share any recipe? that you have.
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    I think you need to consider omni-cookery books more, to decide whether they're worth the money, but some of them have great recipes! My Mum, who's vegetarian and a trained chef, has a theory that recipes with meat in make you a more creative cook!


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    I will veggify if it's easy to sub something simple, like quorn pieces for chicken, or veggie sausages for their meaty counterpart, but in general I tend to find veggie cookbooks much easier than omni ones tbh, though exceptions on my shelf would include books on cooking vegetables (like Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book, Leaves From Our Tuscan Kitchen or The Covent Garden Cookbook).

    I often pick up second hand copies of veggie cookbooks that look interesting to me - usually themed according to cuisine (eg: Italian, French or Greek etc.) rather than generic "100 Best Recipes" type books. I never go out of my way to buy omni cookbooks.

    I do follow recipes, usually to the letter first time around. Then I make pencil notes in the book margins for how to adapt it next time. It usually take me about three goes to come up with a final version that I'm happy with enough to stick with.

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    To be honest I'm a mix of the above. I have all sorts of cookery books but quite often don't follow recipes. For example last night I make a cottage pie but decided I'd like it to have a Moroccan flavour, just had the last of it for lunch today. Turned out ok, experementation is the name of the game )

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