Want to make your meat-free life easier? Check out these shortcuts to delicious food

  1. For a meaty tasting ‘Chilli Non Carne’, swap regular Red chillis for Chipotle chillis. The smoky taste will have even the avid carnivore reaching for more.

  2. For a good meat substitute, prick an aubergine all over with a fork and place directly onto a gas hob flame. Turn until blackened and place into a sealed bag to steam. Tear apart with forks. It gives the perfect meaty texture!

  3. via Jamie Young

    Bulk out with Beans - Beans are a great addition to most dishes. They’re filling, high in protein and low in cost.

  4. via eat_to_thrive

    Spiralize your Veg - Courgettes and Carrots offer a great alternative to pasta when cut using a Spiralizer. Low in calories and carbs.

  5. via Kiersten Frase

    Cauliflower Rice – Food process a raw cauliflower until you have rice sized pieces. Steam until hot. This creates a delicious low carb version of rice.

  6. via Rebecca Ciaramidaro

    Mix up your oils – Don’t be limited to just cooking with Olive, Rapeseed and Vegetable oil. Sesame, Chilli, Coconut and other infused oils can make all the difference to a meal with minimal effort involved.

  7. via Dassana Amit

    Dry Roast your ground spices – This simple tip enhances the flavour of your spices and works great when cooking with ‘mock meats’…they need all the flavour they can get!

  8. Opting for a pre-marinated tofu will save you lots of time in the kitchen. Tofu can have the stigma of being tasteless and plain but there’s no chance of that with the tasty garlic, basil or olive versions available.

  9. Miso paste can be a fantastic sauce base or marinade. Be sure to pick up the non fish sauce version

  10. Go big on the Garnish – Fresh herbs like coriander, basil, parsley, oregano and thyme can transform a dish alongside freshly sliced chillis, spring onion, lemons and limes.

  11. via Tabitha Alterman

    Always use seasonal and even more importantly use ripe produce to maximise flavour in meals.

  12. via Katherine Martinelli

    Cook outside your comfort zone. Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African and Asian cuisine has lots of inspiration to inspire new dishes. From Asian Style Pineapple Payapa Salads, to Spanish Croquettes via Middle Eastern Shakshukas, there’s plenty of options

AUTHOR: Anna Barnett @getinmygob

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