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    Fruit chart with cream

    Fruit chart with cream
    Pine apple
    Dry grapes
    Cream which depend on your own choice
    Cut all the fruits in small cubes and mix it . Now mix in cream and freeze for 25 minutes .
    Now it serve for eating .
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    It seem's very delicious!

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    Fruit chat with cream really good for health point of view and it delicious to eat.Yo can add some sore soup to make it spicy a little bit.Some more fruits also enhance its taste.

    Please make suggestions:
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    I wondered what a fruit chart was and after a quick look on the interweb, seems it's fruit chaat an Indian fruit salad - the fruit salad bit is straightforward enough, but the dressing - involving an intriguing mixture of spices including cumin seeds, fresh green chili, coriander leaves, black pepper and fresh ginger juice - seems to be the key to it's interest. Sounds like an excellent simple way to conclude a veggie curry night at home!

    I found a nice looking video by a lady called Manjula here:


    Even better, from this I found her own website specialising in Indian Vegetarian Cookery. Well worth a look for it's extensive recipe hoard, and all with videos!

    Cooking Video Instructions, Indian Food Videos, Cooking Recipes | Manjula's Kitchen | Indian Vegetarian Recipes | Cooking Videos
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