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Thread: Something Different for Christmas Dinner Desert??

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    Something Different for Christmas Dinner Desert??

    I LOVE cooking for Christmas dinner and I am usually menu planned and shopping list written by the end of November - sad but true!

    So I am at a loss this year when I have gotten round to desert!

    I cook for 4 people all veggies, 1 cheese intolerant and not too happy with out and out dairy so cream fillings and cheese cakes are no nos!

    I normally go for something chocolate based - can't go wrong!

    I am not a fan of fruit based puds - like Christmas pudding etc.

    I have found some fab Chocolate Log recipes but they ALL have a layer of cream

    I make a fab Chocolate Brownie Cake BUT is it boring to do this one yet again?!

    Apple cakes and pies go down well too but aren't really special enough!

    ANY ideas would be fab!

    What are you either making or buying that makes a good desert centerpiece for Christmas?

    Look forward to reading what you have up your sleeves!!
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    While not too fussy, I think something like an Apple and Cranberry Strudel all dusted over in powdered icing sugar would look really pretty and seasonal, served with some (optional) posh clotted cream ice-cream or dairy free cream (I like Oat cream).

    Cranberry and apple strudel Recipe | delicious. Magazine free recipes

    Or what about a steamed Marmalade & Whiskey Pudding served with dairy-free custard (easy to buy cartons of this from health food shop):

    Or Mulled Wine Jellies* in cocktail glasses - served with optional whipped cream.

    I also love Baklava, all syrupy and nutty.

    *Guidance for using agar agar in wine or fruit juice jelly (gelee) here:
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    We just have mince pies and custard/cream/brandy butter, I don't see the point in putting too much effort into dessert when everyone is too full to enjoy, would rather make a dessert for Christmas eve/boxing day that will be enjoyed.

    I do make a cake for the centrepiece though just a sandwich cake decorated to look christmassy

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    More mulled wine ideas -

    Poached Pears in Mulled Wine

    Poached Pears in Mulled Wine recipe | Free online recipe | Schwartz Recipe

    The following one poaches the pears in mulled wine, then uses the wine to make a granita to serve with them

    Poached pears and Mulled Wine Granita - Recipes & Chefs - Food and Wine Community Message Board - Inspiration served daily

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    Hi no1purplepeopleeater!

    Here are a couple of options by me,both are completely different from each other,so that you can choose depending upon your liking and feasibility.


    Banana,Chocolate Chip @Cashew Cake_Creation.jpg


    This one is a slice of heaven!Moist and very delicious cake,served with a warm,silky,luscious caramel sauce and cool,vanilla whipped cream.You can substitute the cream used with a non dairy version,of course!
    One of the positives is that while banana and hazelnut is a rather common combination,banana and cashew is not,they make perfect partners!


    Thekua Khajur.jpg

    Recipe: Indian Cooking Challenge: Thekua/Khajur - Simply Fahad-istic!

    These work particularly well at the end of a glorious,rich banquet when all you want is a sweet full stop,rather than some heavy,dessert preparation.So if you feel that your guests after the main course will be too full to properly enjoy dessert,or the main course would be rich,you know what to make! These use some milk for kneading the dough,but you can easily substitute it with almond milk.
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